What does the MYWL do?

The Writers’ Room

We partner with local high schools and colleges to provide minority writers in either their junior and senior years a creative writing workshop space. Cohorts are small with anywhere from 5 to 10 students enrolled. Micro writer rooms and small learning communities are essential to the MYWL experience.

The Work

Writers are expected to write! For a period of ten sessions over the course of one semester, students will workshop 2-3 creative writing selections (fiction, poetry, non-fiction, screenplays, essays). Writers will not only get the chance to receive invaluable written feedback on their work from their peers and lab instructor, but will be expected to provide feedback. The writers’ room is a team effort, after all.

The Outcome

By the conclusion of the workshop semester, students will have a creative writing portfolio that includes: 2-3 workshopped creative writing selections; a resume/cv; a uniquely shaped college admissions letter tailored to each student’s strengths, a letter of recommendation from the lab instructor and MYWL board members.

Are you looking to apply for a creative writing program? You need a portfolio.

Are you looking to apply for creative writing positions? You need a portfolio.

Are you looking to apply to college in any humanities field? Chances are, you need a portfolio.

The MYWL can help with that.

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